"Une avant-garde sans avant-garde [Essai sur l'art contemporain réalisé avec Donatien Grau]" by Olivier Zahm

This book, created with Donatien Grau, is not just a collection of the most significant texts by Olivier Zahm, written over the last thirty years.
It is above all a radical reading of the art from the 1990s to the present day. Beyond the dialectic inherent to the 1990s, which was accompanied by Purple, this essay on the contemporary seeks to decipher this chaotic, contradictory, suffocating yet hyper-creative era that is ours.
The introductions preceding each chapter do more than just contextualize the selected articles for this collection: they develop the idea that the 1990s invented an avant-garde without an avant-garde, whose stakes only continue to multiply and intensify today.

Published by Les Presses du réel & JRP/Ringier in 2017